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LINK: excellent 11 Minute film by Jon West shown at the Memorial Service, you need realplayer to view it. I suggest downloading the film here first if you are having playback problems.

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Memories last a lifetime.

RANDY MNSTRS from Bellingham:

"My most memorable memory of major dave was a funny one. one day, jesse, review dave, toby, neil, and i went to whiterock for a little bowl fun. toby was looking a bit scruffy, black pants, mullet growing out nicely, and major dave skates up to jesse and says" Looks likes Danzig's here!" talking about toby. I laughed a lot at that. Toby finished his run, dave dropped in and we told toby what he said. Toby instantly said "That's it, im cutting my hair off tonight!" I think that was funny, because major dave had a frickin misfits tattoo!"

Aaron Artis, LIB skateboards co-rider:

"I can remember tons of great things about dave but one of my most memorable was last year at tampa am. It occured at the milner inn. The Milner is like a big party all night. And the security there is out of control. The first day our team got there dave got in a little trouble. Dave got kicked out of our hotel within the first five minutes of being there. He got nabbed for skating up and down the smooth concrete floors. So the whole night dave was trying to find a place to stay, he kept bugging everybody to sleep on there floors. But after hours of trying to find a place to stay, he figured he would just risk getting kicked out of our room again. So dave snuck back on the hotel grounds and came back to our room. When he arrived back in our room he was freaking out, he kept thinking the cops were going to come and deport him to his home country of Canada. This situation lasted for around an hour till all the beer started to flow around the milner and our room filmed up with at least 20 skateboarders. We had kids from all over the world in our room we had one kid from iceland and some girls from france just kickin back drinking beer in our room. After bout an hour of drinkn Huy Lee came into our room. Huy was real intoxicated. Then every thing just got real wild in our room and Huy started to just mess with people. And of course Huy decided to pick on Major Dave. At first it was just verbal harrasment but then Huy put it way to far. Dave fell asleep and Huy poored beer all over him in daves bed, and dave flipped out and i thought him and Huy were going to get into an fist fight. But they calmed down and went back to bed. And when dave was just falling asleep again Huy busted into our room and poored a whole bucket of beer on Dave. Dave flipped out but we didnt let him go after huy. We just let him vent on words, and he had some funny ones of those. He told us this story about when he was like 10 years and some kid ripped the wing off his bird. And after the kid did this dave told us that he chewed the kids arm off. And we all just laughed at him and told him he was full of shit. So he calmed down again and just when we thaught we where at the calm of the storm we realized we were just in the eye of the tornadoe. Dave rushed out the door and headed straight for Huy. luckily he didnt get him. And they just exchanged words. And from there exchange of words we got some funny memories. When they were arguing Huy just kept yelling your not rough, your not rough, you aint never been to the hill top. And every day after that dave and all of us would just say hilltop every time we saw huy or dave. And this all occured in one days time. Actually it occured in around 4 hours of time at the Milner hotel in Tampa Florida 1999, 1 year before the death of our friend Major Dave Bowers "

An anonymous email:

"i never really knew dave, nor will i pretend to have known him. Truthfully, i'd met him a couple times travelling around BC and didn't learn much about him except for he had a biting personality and some serious skateboarding skills. The first time i met him i was just a kid (at least more so than now), i was skating the whiterock park and some of the locals were talking to us about the town. My friend and i wanted to go get some food but didn't want to walk and i think Dave offered us a ride. After that all the guys started giving warnings like "i don't think you girls should go with dave, his last couple girlfriends were only 14" and "whatever you do, don't let Dave convince you to come to his hottub". at the time it was funny, and i guess it still is. sure enough he invited us to his hottub one night though(to which we politely deliclined). A couple years later, i went back to BC this spring and sure enough i saw him. i remembered him (i've got good memory and his face seems to stick with you) and i'm sure he didn't remember me. he still talked to me though which is always good when you don't know anyone. When i returned in the summer it was much the same, except he was better at skating each time i went back. i asked one of my friends what she remembers about dave from our trip in the summer, she said: "his misfits tattoo", "he was good looking" and "he was good at the 360-out-of-the-bowl competition" (some of the guys were seeing who could pull the best spins out of the hip). what i remember about dave is that he was nice to some, a shit talker to many and really good at popping over fences and upright couches. This incident doesn't affect me on a personal level so much as make me more aware that death can hit at any time, regardless of age or what you're doing. I'm sure Dave was enjoying his life before what happened and it's too bad he's gone. The pain might not end for everyone but neither will the memories (no matter how insignificant)."

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From Sonia Rivest:

"I’m Sonia, the girl in the picture with Dave. I loved Dave then, and I love him now. I lost Dave in a break up in July, and swore to myself that it was the worst thing I’d ever have to go through. Then we all lost him in January, and I realized that this time, it was for good. There are so many things I could say about Dave, so many memories. Once Dave walked me home from his mom's place, which was one block away from my house in North Van. and I convinced him to only walk half the block, 'cause he wasn't wearing a hoodie. So, we said our goodbyes and I started walking. 2 seconds after, I heard him yelling my name so I turned around, and he was waving. I waved back, and kept walking. Then he screamed my name again, and he was waving again, so I did the same. The third time he called my name, I turned around and stopped, squinting to see what the hell he was doing because I was already far from him. To my surprise, Dave had been holding his dick in his hand the whole fucking time, while people were driving on the parkway, just to make me laugh, and it did. That's the crazy shit, I'll remember Dave for. I will also remember his smile and the way he laughed, watching “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, the Schwinn tattoo that he and Tim Carter gave themselves, the dirt tattoo near his eye from slamming his face on dirty pavement, and I’ll never forget the four days spent at the hospital. Seeing Dave in the hospital was one of the hardest things, I think, all of us had to go through. It’s so strange to see someone once alive, smiling and skateboarding become lifeless. Although it’s been over two months, I still find myself crying. Truth is I never stopped loving Dave. It hurts to think that so many things were left unsaid, not only for me, but for many. Dave had already made the biggest impact on my life, before his death, and managed to top it off with this. I know he has affected a lot of people, because I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. I miss him every day, and wonder where he is. Who knows what would have become of David William Bowers. At least now, he can pick the path with no restrictions."

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