Hastings PNE

This park is open and fun as hell. 12 foot big bowl and a crazy snake / spine combo with all hits possible. The kids are scared shitless of this place and it serves them right..

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Here's Jim from Spectrums rundown on his park:

Hastings-inspired by Lincoln City. 5', 6' capsuled mini, giant spine or roller over into the 8' section with hips, corners, whippers & more, & the 10'3"vert bowl. Like P-gate, this park has speed lines in it as well as sections that can be sessioned like a halfpipe. This park has so many corners & hips....45 degree, 90 degree, tight, loose, rounded, sharp-whatever we could fit in.

The feature park (it's not a street course) sits in a pit that offered an opportunity for a huge wall ride. This part has flat tranny to flat bank hips, a small funbox with ledge & rail, a big mellow qp, ledges, a step up, qp flanked by flat banks for the fly outs-& behind this last setup is a huge wall for wallrides off of the flat banks, or for flying out of the qp & onto the wall-or to the top of the 5' vert wall for the few......there's also a big round flat bar on the deck of the bowl just cuz there was a bit of room.

It's all about burl pretty well, fun speedy lines, transfers, hips, gaps & whatever. Skate hard.

Hwy 1A to Hastings / PNE exit. Head west and take a right on Renfrew. Park is on your right before the big PNE stadium. Bring pads.

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