Skate Church, Portland

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Mad Max writes in on 3/25:

I went to the skatechurch in Portland last thursday night--it was great! They have an adult session from 6-9pm every thursday night. It cost 2 bucks and you must sign a waiver. You also have to wear a helmet in the warehouse, but no pads. You don't need either in the basement street set up.

Although you have to listen to a 15-20 minute lecture/sermon in the middle of the session it was not bad--the sermon thing was not fanatical at all. They welcome all--you don't have to be Christian. Of course you can't drink beer there, but the warehouse they have is sick.

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The mini 4/12 feet is abt. 50-60 feet wide with a corner on each side. It spines into a 7 foot or soul smooth bowl. There is a great x games style street set up with many different trannies, and rails, pyramids, wall rides etc... Besides the warehouse there is a street park in the church basement. An assortment of rails, ledges, slants and small trannies with tons of lines make this a blast. Everyone there was cool, and I got in my fill of runs. It is masonite, so those used to concrete stay on top of it.

The picture is of Andy. He works there and is totally cool. This is a mute air that he stalls until the last second. The guy rips. Fakie to fakie spine transfer(3' out) tweaked out-pumping out of it like is was a setup trick.


It's at the corner of NE Glison St. and 90th Ave. near interstate 205.

The deal is: Over 18 session-2 bucks-Thursday-6:30 to 9 with a 15 minute
preachin' in the middle=totally worth it. If you or any of your friends are in town on a Thursday, this
not to be missed. I'm going to get on them about havin some more nights added.


(thanks steve gump for some photos and updated directions)


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