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Ballard Skatepark

Seattle (pop 563,000) has only 1 city-owned skateboard park located in Ballard (about 5 miles NW of downtown). This bowl was a temporary fixture (in mind) created with volunteer efforts and donations.

The Ballard Bowl is a destination spot for traveling skateboarders and a great place for locals to meet and have a good time. The Parks Dept and corporate interests want it gone. The bowl only takes up approx. 80 x 55 feet and despite whopping turnouts at the meetings, the city has turned a blind eye to the needs and wants of the large skateboard community we have here.


The Street course is pretty much ruined right now. There has been no repairs done in the 2 years we've had it. (I'm surprised it has lasted that far) Primarily BMX'ers are usually in force in the street area, that's fine.. they can have it.

The Bowl belongs to the skateboarders. BMX pegs and sprockets cause damage to the pool coping and ruin the cement.

The bottom line is that we need the bowl to stay. It is a part of Ballard and would be a shame and a blow to the skateboarder community if it were to be bulldozed for no reason other then spite us.

Per Welinder Skull by Rain KYT
Mural by jaymeer DSM


Ballard has a small street course and miniramp open now for you to ride! Located at the old Safeway on 22nd and 58th (2 blocks north of Bergen Place), you can ride some of the course from Sound and Fury and just kick it.





22nd and 58th NW

From Seattle: Take Denny north until it turns into 15th follow over ballard bridge and take a left on to Market. At 22nd (a big 5 way intersection) hang a right and head up 2 blocks, you'll see it on your left.

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